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Lets Talk About Bright Economic Future

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It has been largely stated and realised that sentiments contribute a lot in either economic boom or gloom. Economic gloom or forecast of gloomy economy might serve opposition political parties or some old business houses. However, economic boom is boon for common public at large and entrepreneur. 

Keeping this in mind lets start broadcasting informations which spreads positivity and enlightens paths of economic prosperity. Let’s talk about positive things, as whole jungle might be enveloped by darkness on a moonless night but following a narrow path illuminated by a small torch takes us out of the jungle. 

Few economic activities which makes bus bullish for the economy:

(1) NHAI will intially raise 15000-20000 crore in its maiden InvIT offer to work on Bharatmala project of 5.35 trillions.

(2) Bank of India buoyaned by large recoveries in the last quarter from Essar Steel account intends to go for QIP(Qualified Institutional Placement offerings).

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