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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    On the following factors tenure of Home Loan is decided:-
    (i) Age of the applicant:
    Private Banks give a tenure, where installments of EMIs end by the age of 60 years. In someprivate banks after taking deviation under special circumstances loan tenure can be extended up tothe age of 65, whereas in case of PSU banks the tenure extends upto the age of 70. However the tenure cannot extendedbeyond 30 years of tenure and total installments of 360 EMIs.
    (ii) Loan Eligibility:-
    Lesser tenure means lesser loan amount and greater tenure means more loan amount. However thumb rule of age criteria and 30years of installments cannot be violated.
    (iii) Age of the property:-
    Sometime in case of very old properties Bank don’t give longer loan tenure considering longevity of Property.

    Fixed rate of interest: –
    In this case home loan interest rate is fixed and does not change as per the guidelines or instructions of RBI. However, some banks use a clause called ‘Force majeure,’ where the Bank under unforeseen circumstances converts the fixed rate of interest into floating rate.
    Floating rate of interest: –
    Under this scheme the rate of interest goes up or down depending upon changes in MCLR.

    Pre-EMI is the interest amount paid on the part of loan amount which has been disbursed and this period during which only interest is paid is called moratorium period.

    Power of attorney is executed in case of NRI and Defence personnel. In these two cases as the indual is not present to execute loan documents or sale deed so the authority is given by him/her to any indual if his / her. This document should always be registered in ordered to have legal sanctity.