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About Personal Loan

Personal loan is required for personal consumption of an individual. Eligibility for loan amount is calculated on the basis of personal incomes and the existing liabilities of the individual. In this product no collateral or security is required so it is known as unsecured loan, unlike Home loan and loan against property which are secured loans.

Personal loan interest rate plays the most significant role in deciding the financial institution from which loan is to be availed. Other factor which is to be considered while making the decision is penalty on partial payment or complete prepayment of the loan.

Loan amount sanctioned by the bank is credited in account of the applicant so the applicant can spend credited amount at his/her own will. The tenure in this loan extends from minimum of one year to maximum of six years depending upon profile of applicants. Some financial institution permits pre-closure of personal after certain period without penalty whereas as per the conditions of some financial institutions pre-closure can be done without any penalty.

Major players in this segment are SBI Personal Loan, HDFC Personal Loan and ICICI Personal Loan.


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New Home

New Home Loan at basic interest rates from Borrow-Loan Company. You can apply online and check your eligibility and easy EMI. Fast Approval for your new home loan.

Home Conversion

A home conversion loan is a scheme for those who have already taken a housing loan. This loan follow some rules and regulations.It is a part of loan.

Land Purchase

Borrow Loan offers home loan for land purchase to make your dream home. You can compare home loan rates with our compare loan table. Apply online for Home Loan.

Home Renovation

Get instant approval for renovation your home. Borrow introduce home improvement loan. It is with basic rate and flexible EMI repayment.For more detail you can check our loan products.


The documents required for availing a personal loan from Atrifin include:

Identity Proof

  1. Electoral ID Card/Passport/Driving License/PAN (Permanent Account Number) card.
  2. Signature identification from present banker. (If not same as in Passport/PAN Card)

Residence Proof

  1. Electoral ID Card/Passport/ Aadhar Card/ Property Tax Receipt.
  2. Residence address on company letter head

Income Proof

  1. Office Proof – Office I.D.
  2. Salary Slips – Original salary certificate for the last 3 months
  3. Form 16 / ITR for the last two financial years * Form -16 is a must.
  4. Bonus of Incentives Proof

Rental Income

Rent Agreement – Rent agreement which has not expired if the applicant has rental income if rental income bank statement with rent credited, rent agreement. Property paper house tax receipts, electricity bill. Power attorney. Registry
Bank Statement
Last Six Month Salary account & account in which rent is credited
Detail of Existing Loan.

  1. Sanction letter
  2. loan account statement
  3. Bank statement with EMI pay

**All above copy documents should be self-attested.

**Above listed document is Basic Document Not Final.

Personal Loan - Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for Personal loans at Loan Atrifin include:

  • The applicant must be a resident citizen of India.
  • Should either be an employee of a private limited company or public sector undertaking, or be gainfully self-employed.
  • Must be between 21 and 60 years of age Further, the minimum income of the applicant should be:
  • For Salaried Professionals:
    • 25,000/Month: if residing in Mumbai or Delhi
    • 20,000/Month: if residing in the rest of India
  • For Self Employed: The minimum yearly profit after tax set based on profession/industry


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